Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Children Suffering From Anxiety

Every now & then grown-ups state that they wish they were a kid again, I do know I definitely give it some thought sometimes. I mean to imagine a world again where you are not riddled with worries about paying the rent or your mortgage, food & petrol prices continually rising, being unhappy in your job but you know you cannot quit because you needn't go through the stress of job-hunting again. Not to mention looking after your household & kids, ensuring they are healthy, gets to school, having money in the budget left for a daytrip to Legoland & naturally the unexpected niggles like the boiler that packs up & the automobile that broke in the same week... A kid has no worries, all they must do is hug their parents & be as cute as they can... No worries, right?

Wrong. They adults do suffer from stress & anxiety, words that has crept in to the English Language & society & that seems to stick onto us like Aunty Mildred's wet, sloppy hello-kisses. But regrettably stress & anxiety is no longer reserved for adults only & they see an increase in cases where it is affecting young kids .

According to The Kid Anxiety Network, "Anxiety disorders are of the primary mental health issues affecting kids & adolescents today." That is why it is important that parents recognise the stressors that may cause their kids to suffer from anxiety & with the help of a kid therapist, these worries will be a thing of the past.

Anxiety in kids is triggered by excessive worry. These worries can range from being popular among friends, how they perform at school, how they perform in activities after school, current events, sibling rivalry & even their health.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be successful for kids who suffer from anxiety. Qualified therapists know that with hypnotherapy, kids can use the power of their own imagination to conquer whatever troubles them. NLP4Kids also has professional kid therapists based in Hertfordshire & provides kid therapy in Buckinghamshire & Kent.

 of the most important things to keep in mind is that anxiety is not a phase, & by closing your eyes & hoping for the best, that phase will pass. It can generate in to a life-long issue, so by helping your kid to cope with their anxiety right now with NLP4kids or hypnotherapy, may be the best decision you can make for them!

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