Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Dealing With Mathphobia

MATHPHOBIA! I have always felt that mathphobia is probably the most common phobia in the world of students surpassing arachnophobia, claustrophobia etc. It is universal, & I feel to a positive extent 'taught'. Though I did not detest math in school, I definitely did not like the way it was taught. I found it be complex, & boring!

Quick track0 years; another generation, but math has not changed. It is still being taught the same way as it was in the coursework of my school days. Therefore I feel there is a necessity for adjust & Vedic Arithmetic does that. Its changes the point of view, you can see it from another angle, it makes it more fascinating &, I think, its makes your ideas clearer.

Another incident which I recall was in an up-market school in Mumbai where I was one time times times times asked to demonstrate the use of vedic maths. I had asked all the teachers to be present, most importantly the maths teachers. I asked for a final examination query paper of class VIII years prior to O level). It was a hours query paper & I asked of the maths teachers as to how long would they take to complete this paper excluding the geometry construction part. They told me about an hour. I completed the whole paper (arithmetic & algebra) in0 minutes without writing down a single sum!!!!

I have now given about a hundred lectures in vedic maths to a wide spectrum of people; from students in schools to the 'ordinary Jane' desirous to know a bit more about this fascinating subject to arithmetic lecturers. Everytime I have felt that the response to the introductory lecture has been overwhelming. The interest it generates is far from ordinary & I still keep in mind a day workshop that I took in Kolkata, India, where there was no room for the participants to sit! The organizers expected about a hundred people & double that amount turned up. It was mayhem, chaotic, disorganized, but simultaneously, for me, it was fulfilling.

'whatever is consistent with right reasoning ought to be accepted, although it comes from a boy or even from a a parrot; & whatever is inconsistent therewith ought to be rejected, although emanating from an elderly man or even from the great sage Shree Shuka himself.'

What distinguishes vedic arithmetic from pure arithmetic? Its amazing subtlety, its clarity of idea, its tremendous flexibility & innovative & amazing structure. You often wonder what unparallel insight Tirthaji, the rediscover of vedic math had, to come up with such a distinctive vision. As the Hindu scriptures mention,

All said & completed, the actual beauty & effectiveness of Vedic Arithmetic cannot be fully appreciated without actually practising the process. can then see that it is perhaps the most refined & efficient mathematical process feasible.
The process has more scope than the abacus. In abacus you can only do the operations whereas with Vedic Maths you can do much much more including Algera & Trigonometry.

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