Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Number Crunching

Vedic Maths based on the ancient Vedas has got rid of Jhanvi Jha's & Raka Roy's Arithmetic phobia.While Raka is doing Economic Honors, Jhanvi is a second year student. The Vedic Maths both young ladies swear by strives to demystify arithmetic.

"I cannot cope with arithmetic is the common refrain of students saddled with notoriously hard arithmetic syllabus.Fear of Arithmetic even compels bright students to desert the science stream.Pallavi Daga dreamt of being an engineers but arithmetic proved to be a nightmare."I was lovely in arithmetic until Standard X.But subsequently it was impossible to come to grips with it. So I had to give up studying science subjects along with arithmetic." , recalled Pallavi who is now a teacher in a city school.

Its based on 16 formulas which can be mastered for cracking not only complex multiplication but even square roots & simultaneous equations" said Gaurav Tekriwal, President of The Vedic Maths Forum India. After the success of Vedic Maths in schools, the forum is planning to launch a 24x7 Maths Helpline Next year.

"Since the pressure to finish the paper rapid haunts any student, VM is a god send" said 59 years elderly Manju Goel, a Gold Medalist in Arithmetic.

The Abacus also takes the sting out of Arithmetic which is based on the Chinese Process if using beads for calculations. "If someone masters all the levels they can solve any math related issue in a jiffy." says an Abacus Teacher.

Maths Laboratory & Maths Club have also made a foray in schools. "They make students more receptive because theorems are displayed on a LCD screen & classes suddenly become fascinating & interactive.

Innovative & energetic teachers are also making a immense difference.Sharmila Ghosh of future foundation school gave her students a moktor boat ride for a holistic knowledge of relative speed. Dedicated teachers like Sharmila say that the government must chip in to help students who have issues with arithmetic. As special courses & programmes come at a cost, there is a powerful case for subsidizing them. & teachers ought to be allowed to be creative in the way they teach the much maligned subject.

Vedic Arithmetic is becoming increasingly popular as increasingly people are introduced to the beautifully unified & straightforward Vedic methods. The way in which Vedic Maths works, is to generate examples in arithmetic, which illustrate the core principle exemplified by a specific interpretation of the sutra, then generalize a small to algebra, or geometry, & then show how this links with the particular computer based algorithm which is being discussed.

You have more fascinating methods as well which are being used by Math teachers. lots of which have origins in Korea & makes use of fingers for counting. The process is called Chisenbop & this was brought to the United States in 1975.

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