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Find Fun Kids' Activities in Your Area

There I said it.

I will go out on a limb here & say something controversial: parenting is time-consuming.

From what I can tell - & I am not a parent, though I often play on TV - parents are in constant motion: from the moment the alarm goes off until they collapse in to bed at night, it is a series of automobile journeys, soccer practices, violin lessons, & who knows what else.

& in the process - another crazy theory here - I surmise that over-worked parents sometimes miss out on tidy opportunities or activities for their kids. For starters, they are fundamentally busy. But more importantly, there never appears to be a single, one-stop location where they can fundamentally & quickly access all the chilled activities in their area.

Until now.

Eventz4kidz is a site the lists kids' activities such as classes, camps, sports, & far more based on your town. It is simple to make use of, intuitive, & supports a local charity. What is not to love? On the home page, you can click on a sample city - Boston, Chicago, San Diego, for example - & browse activities, or Subscribe to get information about events in your city. But first things first: I signed up.

I entered my basic information, & was prompted to pick my city & surrounding metropolitan area. You can enter whatever city you live in & subsequently edit the event at any time. Having lived in Washington, DC, I chosen the nearby suburb of Arlington, VA. Next, I had the chance to add an event. I could select from a pre-selected set of categories - arts & leisure, dance, music, etc. - add an event name & a URL.

Next, I could enter the age range for the event as well as the type of event (e.g. prenatal, child care, inside, or outside.) Add the event date, cost, & go for a Featured Listing (at a $10 cost - with $1 being donated to charity), & you are all set.

Of work, adding events is part of the fun. The other part is checking out events for your kids in your area. Let's take the day activities for kids in Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach area, for example. What you'll see is fundamentally a kids' calendar; fundamentally click on an Event Section or Event Type box on the left, & the page will automatically load to show related activities. I also like the other options on the left, which let you change your preferences on a sliding scale - for some unusual reasons it reminds me of Bing's Travel tools. intuitive, simple.

Regarding the charitable donations, Eventz4kids will donate $1 for every featured event sold on their net site to a local childrencharity; for the year 2011, Eventz4Kids chosen the Make-A-Wish foundation as its featured charity. chilled.

All in all, Eventz4Kids fills a void in the market that has been suspiciously un-filled (if that is a word) for a long time. I mean, give it some thought: they use the Net for everything. & while day activities for kids are not analogous to, say, purchasing airplane tickets, there is still platforms out there that support entertainment options. Sites like Fandango come to mind - a site where you can purchase tickets to an event.

But when it comes to a comprehensive list of events for kids focused on your home town, the choices are surprisingly limited. & Eventz4Kids neatly addresses this demand, effectively, fundamentally, & effectively. It is & a great promotion platform for teachers, artists, musicians, & any other individual who offers kids' activities in their communities. A win-win!

It is like this site could only have been created byparent. & when you read about how the site came to be, everything neatly falls in to place. The founder, Rachel Cohen, desired to build a site to "concentrate events on a calendar to find activities quickly for the busy relatives."

Well, according to this non-parent - who often plays on TV - they succeeded!

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