Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Special Education and Obama

Special ed schools today provide the basic educational services that are provided to students with special needs. It is doleful that most of these individuals today are being integrated with the same educational systems & standards granted to regular students. It would be a double-sided issue because integrating special individuals with the schooling of ordinary students might affect the learning abilities of both. With this in mind, the government of President Barack Obama has given emphasis on the relevance of special ed schools by "ensuring the academic success of students with disabilities by increasing funding & effectively enforcing the individuals with disabilities Schooling Act, & by holding schools accountable for providing students with disabilities the services & supports they need to reach their potential" (Alter.gov, 2011).

Since the last Presidential Elections, Barack Obama has emphasized that his then-upcoming government will take special interest in upholding schooling. Special ed schools have been of those given importance by the walking President & Vice-President that time. According to the web-site alter.gov "Barack Obama & Joe Biden think that our children & our country cannot afford more years of neglect & indifference. At this defining moment in our history, The united states faces few more urgent challenges than preparing our children to compete in a worldwide economy. The decisions our leaders make about schooling in the approaching years will shape our future for generations to come. Obama & Biden are committed to meeting this challenge with the leadership & judgment that has been sorely lacking for the last years" (2011). However, are these goals currently being realized?

With this in mind, it is safe to note that special ed schools can maximize the available opportunities of the President given that funding will be available for them. In the news document of FoxNews.com, it was reported that "Obama's budget would increase fiscal 2012 discretionary Schooling Department funding to $77.4 billion, a0.7% increase from current spending levels & a0.7% increase from 2010 spending levels. Most of the spending goes to grants to college students from low income families, Title I grants to disadvantaged schools, & state grants for special education" (2011). With this initiative alone, it is worth it to think about that the President has his eye on schooling & that includes his support for special schooling.

It would be worth to note that among the priorities in Obama's agenda on "early childhood schooling, K-12, & higher schooling are that of supporting students with disabilities" (Alter.gov, 2011). If would integrate the benefits provided with the President's agenda, special individuals who are entering college are given emphasis by the government. More so, special ed schools may emphasize their need for assistance in terms of the provision of affordable & high-quality kid & health care by improving their facilities. Most importantly, the government of President Obama is seeking to improve teaching qualities by expressing support on the recruitment, preparation, retention & rewards for teachers. All this provided for the schooling of Americans, including special ed schools.

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