Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Unproductive Speed reading Habits

Introducing speed-reading methods can be most beneficial to kids, as it may even be used as a long-term career. People often think that it is simpler to coach kids to read quickly than adults are, as kids can learn quickly with the help of their fresh minds. According to a recent research, it is found that both kids & adults similarly can learn new reading techniques to improve their reading skills & though method in a better way.

People have lots of misconceptions related to speed reading techniques. Here are lots of the mistakes that most of the readers make:


 Purposeless Reading: It is important to have a purpose for reading, as permits readers to read faster. In other words, in case you do not have a specific purpose to read, then your reading speed & comprehension skills will be hampered.

 Repetitive Reading Helps: It is of the common myths about reading that repetitive reading of any material can add values to speed reading strategies, which is not true. It is called as regression, & hurts your reading speed as well as makes it boring.

 Reading Late at Night: The general public usually think that reading at night can be helpful to increase the reading speed; can concentrate better at night. However, in point of fact, it is a least effective method for some people.

 Read with the Help of Marker: of the least effective ways speed reading techniques is highlighting your reading & studying. It develops confusion in reader's mind, when the material is read next time. On the other hand, some people find it efficient, but it is better to reduce the use of marker.

 Reading without time boundary: Providing yourself countless time for reading can reduce the performance of reading as well as the comprehension, so its always better to give yourself a limited time boundary to have a habit to read effectively & in less time.

The abovementioned measures can educate speed-reading aspirants about the unproductive tasks related to reading, which can be helpful to build a powerful foundation in their career.

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