Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Educating Children to Think Outside The Box

When asked the query "What would you like to be when you grow up?" my nine year elderly daughter constantly replies "a famous singer".

When I attempt to bring her gently back to reality by asking "but what in case you don't manage to succeed in being a singer, they immediately replies, "then I will be a famous actress in lieu."

How can they, as parents, address this situation?

It is doleful but true that in today's fame obsessed culture most young people aspire to be a famous celebrity than seeking careers in the more traditional roles like nursing, teaching or becoming a lawyer.

In addition to promoting the traditional roles like teaching & nursing they ought to also try to encourage our children to "think out of the box".

In my view it is vital that they try to educate our children to know that there is other fascinating opportunities available for them that can lead to being successful & fulfilled in life.

This does not must be the case. As well as valuing the traditional schooling offered to our young daughters they ought to also try to encourage our children by stimulating their imagination to think of more fascinating ways to succeed. Our youngest daughter is already showing great business & entrepreneurial potential. They enjoys watching entrepreneurial programs & gets excited when they tries to think of ideas of her own for various tasks introduced in these programs. My children also enjoy helping me to devise various ideas for my business & my net site. They often offer me novel ways to present my web pages.

 often they live our lives as though they are in a box. They pursue roles & lives that they feel they ought to. They are educated to think that they must either receive a job straight from school or to receive a degree in the event that they wish a" higher" profession. They are encouraged to seek traditional careers & to keep the established order.

My youngest daughter enjoys being creative by writing tales along together along along together together together together with her own illustrations when they is been on an "adventure" together along along together together together together with her sister. When they returns from a walk in the woods both they & my partner then sit & write tales about who they think live is the tree in the woods. My daughter likes these tales as of the trees actually has a door with a handle on it. They is satisfied that a relatives of squirrels live there whereas my partner writes that a relatives of goblins live there. It doesn't matter which version is best, the important thing is that it stimulates my daughter's imagination & actually encourages her to write, something that they is not normally keen on doing. Who knows it could also encourage her to be a famous writer in the future.

My partner enjoys nurturing their creative skills in other ways. often they enjoy making things outside like mobiles made from twigs & leaves or jewellery made from string, wood, leaves & flowers. My eldest daughter even made a necklace from a shell that they placed on to a piece of chord. They often jokes that they is day going to open a stall selling her hand-crafted jewellery to make additional pocket money. This enterprising spirit ought to be encouraged as lots of top entrepreneurs have started out by selling something small for additional pocket money & gone on to bigger fortunes...Just look at Lord Sugar who is a ideal example of this.

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