Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Helping Your Child to Conquer Bullies

But the doleful thing is, bullies are (still) here & it seems they are here to stay. & as time & modern expertise are changing, so are their tactics & methods to target people. the other day I heard on the news that so-called Cyber Bullies are targeting vulnerable young people on social networking sites. I mean, are you able to imagine, sitting comfortably at home in your favourite stool, minding your own business & surfing the net. You are updating a post or status or, perhaps passing on some condolences to a mate, when you see a bad-mouthing bully has targeted him, because they finds himself in a vulnerable spot... Come on! It is so shocking that it is actually a joke!

It is hard to imagine that bullies still exist today. In fact, I cannot understand & wrap my head around this matter, seeing that they are finding ourselves in 2011 & you would think they have learnt by now to be lovely to each other.

All personal experiences aside, bullying is a major issue & children (as well as grown-ups) are being targeted on a every day basis. Bullying is a kind of abuse & consists out of of types of abuse: verbal, physical & emotional. Bullies would often intimidate their targets & would pick on a

I was three times time times time, as I am positive most of you were, bullied when I was three times time times time a kid. & not by your stereotypical giant, fat, freckled faced class mate, who spreads fear your way & teases you about every feasible abnormality (according to him) you may have. No no no, I was three times time times time teased by my cousins. My older cousins. & I was three times time times time still teased about the abovementioned things. Only years later, when I finally plucked up the bravery to ask them why they have tormented me my whole childhood, their answers were in the lines of: was our right as being older to be able to pick on the kid of the relatives.'

Bullies come in lots of shapes & sizes, but all have them have some traits in common. They constantly criticise, show a great deal of physical aggression like shoving, punching & kicking their victims, name-calling & spreading gossip, to name a few. Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus defines bullying as when a person is "exposed, repeatedly & over time, to negative actions on the part of or more other persons."

As a parent & somebody who may have been a victim of bullying, all you would need to do is help your kid when you suspect they or they is suffering at the hands of bullies that I have described above. Or perhaps you would need to give your kid the necessary tools & life skills so that they or they are going to be confident to stand up to bullies. NLP4kids & Hypnotherapy is your answer.

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