Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Toys are really Us

Toys are something which every kid needs. Children are given toys based on their gender in the work of their early days when they are unable to select for themselves. For example, boys are given more boyish kinds of toys & the girls get much delicate & tender stuff to play. times they grow up small bit, then their ideas about selecting their own toy get developed ,still boys dominantly select toys like toy vehicles, adventurous games, outdoor games, whereas the girls go for stuff toys, dolls & more feminine stuff.

Children are the most brilliant creation of the Father Nature. They fill the life of their parents as well as people around them with immense innocent joy & energy. Their presence makes every other thing pale. Their exhilarating smirk makes us forget every worry & stress they have. Having a kid at home is something like having a live ongoing show. Their activities, their curious interrogation, their innocent ways of filling up our life with terrific happiness are unmatched. They will laugh without any reason, they will occupy their whole day with something or the other & their best friends in life are the toys. They will talk to them, love them, break them, & play with them & at last also sleep with them.

Toys not only appeal to children but also to the elders. They get equally engrossed while playing video games, outdoor games or even in door games like chess, carom etc. These games have a worldwide appeal. every household contain these games, which whole of the relatives can play together & enjoy.

Kids' character is reflected in selecting the game. Their fantasies of becoming some particular professional like astronaut, doctor, policeman or model or even teacher, gets reflected in the choice of various toys. There is number of toys for children (in Danish legetrn) out of which they can select. Usually girls prefer to play with dolls & stuff toys as well as various other games like skipping rope, hoopla-rings, art & craft games & so on. They never include robust toys like robot, skateboards to their toy list. Boys always prefer sensory toys (in Danish Sansestimulerende Leget) like remote controlled vehicles, robots or block games which can be turned in to actual life games using various machines. This demarcation is based on general trend displayed by the children while selecting the toys.

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