Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Istilah Linguistik 2

·        Prescriptivism

The doctrine that part of the grammarian’s task is to prescribe good linguistic usage in order to improve general use of the language.
·        Synchronic

Descriptive of a particular time or stage of development.
·        Diachronic

Historical, involving change.

·        Competence

The ability of native speakers to create and understand grammatical sentences, to detect deviant and ungrammatical sentences, and to make other linguistic judgments about utterances in their language.

·        Performance

The actual utterances produced by speakers of a language.

·        Grammatical
Accepted by native speakers as a possible arrangement of words in language.
·        Vocal

Realized in the sounds of speech.

·        Well-formed

Conforming to the rules of a grammar.
·        Rule

A statement of a linguistic relationship.
·        Semantics
The study of meaning.

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