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Benefits of Fasting

What are the benefits sought in fasting? Its aim is to weaken the material aspect of man and strengthen the spirituality in him so that he may enter the higher realms of faith.
 things make up a man: jos npdu and as indispendable for the performance of mundane tasks, it is his soul which will take him to the higher realities. The mind - as psychologists prefer to call it - must, therefore, be preserved in a state of purity. That means that as the body requires physical nourishment, the soul must be nourished spiritually.

When lifts oneself up from the material world and becomes attached to the spiritual world, is astonished to apprehend a new door of truth opening before. All those realities that were formerly invisible beneath a veil of matter now become plain for in to see. reaches the lofhies station- The final stage in the ascent of man.
This is explained in the custom:When a person has elevated himself the world, God endures him with wisdom, which emanated from his lips. He is shown the ills of the world, and their cures. He is brought safely to the abode of peace.(Mishkat)
There comes a point on this path when passes so far beyond the veil matter that can see realities exactly as they are. Then "worships God, as if were seeing Him." (Bukhari)
Prophethood is the final stage of this path. But a common man can also elevate his soul to this degree. The difference is that a Prophet is selected by God. There is no obscurity in his vision of the divine world; it appears before him in absolute, positive form; it actually became a part of his consciousness. The Prophet thus can say: "I know that I know", while a common man can seldom reach this stage because he is not `chosen. Unlike the Prophets, his contact with the divine world is neither absolute nor conscious.
Of the verses of the Quran prescribing the quick of Ramadhan, there is which does not apparently appear to deal with fasting, but it is in this verse that the importance of fasting has been explained. And when My servants query you concerning Me, tell them that I am near. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me. (Quran one:186)

The Prophets, because of their being selected, are in direct contact with God through angels. For others, the Quran takes the place of the angel Gabriel. By fasting and abstinence, the Prophets cleansed and purified their souls or minds of all material stain, thus detaching themselves inwardly from the world. It was then that Gods angel descended to them and directly communicated to them the word of God. Others like to attain through the Quran must asks enable in fasting and abstinence in order to appreciate what they read. Although the Quran is with us today, preserved in written form as it was revealed, it enters ones heart only when is spiritually prepared to get it by living a life of fasting and devotion.

The fact that Ramadhan fasting was prescribed in the month when beginning of the Quranic revelations began is a sign that the purpose of fasting is to prepare the individual mentally and physically for regardless of the Quran enjoins.

As the Prophet had to quick in the solitude of the cave of Hira in order to get the Quran, so shall other believers must do the same. Otherwise they are going to be , in the words of the Quran, like donkeys, loaded with books". (62:15). The book of God won't have entered their hearts.

The Quran is the law of the universe, it is the voice of nature. who is submerged in the depth of its meanings begins to listen to its message in every heart beets. Every particle in the universe starts conveying its message to him. He finally comes to see the Quran and nature as reflections of another: "Now here are Signs self-evident in the hearts of those endured with knowledge and none but the unjust neglect Our Signs".

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