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Method of teaching foreign language

While sometimes confused, the terms "approach", "method" & "technique" are hierarchical ideas. An approach is a set of correlative assumptions about the nature of language & language learning, but does not involve procedure or provide any details about how such assumptions ought to translate in to the classroom setting. Such can be related to second language acquisition theory.

Language schooling may happen as a general school subject or in a specialized language school. There is a lot of methods of teaching languages. Some have fallen in to relative obscurity & others are widely used; still others have a tiny following, but offer useful insights.

There is principal views at this level:

1 . The structural view treats language as a technique of structurally related elements to code meaning (e.g. grammar).
2. The functional view sees language as a vehicle to express or accomplish a positive function, such as requesting something.
3. The interactive view sees language as a vehicle for the creation & maintenance of social relations, focusing on patterns of moves, acts, negotiation & interaction present in conversational exchanges. This view has been dominant since the 1980s.
A technique is a plan for presenting the language material to be learned & ought to be based on a chosen approach. In order for an approach to be translated in to a technique, an instructional technique must be designed thinking about the objectives of the teaching/learning, how the content is to be chosen & organized, the categories of tasks to be performed, the roles of students & the roles of teachers. A technique is a specific, concrete stratagem or trick designed to accomplish an immediate aim. Such are derived from the controlling technique, & less-directly, with the approach.
Examples of structural methods are grammar translation & the audio-lingual technique. Examples of functional methods include the oral approach / situational language teaching. Examples of interactive methods include the direct technique, the series technique, communicative language teaching, language immersion, the proprioceptive language learning technique, the Silent Way, Suggestopedia, the Natural Approach, Total Physical Response, Teaching Proficiency through Reading & Storytelling & Dogme language teaching.

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