Senin, 29 November 2010

The Young Language Learner

What this means for our teaching
  • Words are not
Dont depend on the spoken word only should include movement & involve the sense use objects & pics to work with demonstrate what you need them to do.
  •   Play with language
-sing a song -tell tales
  •  Language as language
Reading & writing are important for the childs growing awareness of language & for their growth in the language.
  • Variety in the classroom

There is a large difference between what kids of can do & the kids of0 can do. A quantity of kids create early, some later. They are divided the kids in to main groups: the to four year olds & the two to0 year elderly.
  •   What to four year olds can do at their own level?
  • They can speak about what they are doing.
    They can tell you about they have done or heard.
    They can argue for something & give the reason why.
    They can use their vivid imaginations.
    They understand situations more quickly than they understand the language used.
    They have a short attention & concentration span.
    They have difficulty in knowing what is fact & what is fiction.
    They are logical  what you say first happens first.
    Before you turn of light, put your book away it mean (one) turn of the light & (one) put your book away.
    They are often happy playing & working alone.
    They dont always understand what adults speaking about. The difference is that adults usually find out by asking query, but kids no.
    They will seldom admit that they dont know something either.
    They cant pick for themselves what to learn.
    They love to play.
    They are enthusiastic & positive about learning.
  •     What two to0 year olds can do at their own level?
  • They can tell the difference between fact & fiction.
    They ask query all time.
    They can make some decisions about their own learning.
    They have positive views about what they like & dont like doing.
    They have a developed sense of fairness about what happens in the classroom & start to query the teachers decisions.
    They can work with others & learn from others.

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