Sabtu, 13 November 2010

A Scale for Assesing the Communicative Potential of Workouts

  • new information is negotiated
Include expression of, reaction to, & interpretation of new information. for example, most workouts for small groups if the interaction among members of the groups is in the target language.
  • new information is expressed
For example, making up a questionnaire, writing a letter or composition, giving an oral document, leaving a taped phone message or a written message, providing information to anyone else.
  • new information is used or applied
For example, writing a letter in response to an advertisement, filling out a form, answering a questionnaire, which requires aim replies, organizing main ideas in a logical sequence, strip-story activities, gathering information outside class or from peers.
  • new information is transferred
For example, filling in a table or chart, finishing a graph, putting indicators on a map, copying information.
  • new information is received, but there is no verbal reaction
For example, communicating with a physical response, such as drawing a picture, following a route shown on a map, following instructions to construct something
  • new information is processed; focus is on form
For example, mechanical operations such as ordering, combining, adding, deleting, substituting; practicing a dialogue which has been memorized; reading aloud with attention to pronunciation.
  • new information is received (exposure only)
for example, listening to a song, hearing a narrative read aloud, watching a TV program, or any extended listening period activities that do not need a physical response.

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