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Indonesia VS Japan in many cases

My writing is not tell about the legend of Samurai notion long time ago, but tells about Japan in this time. Folktale in this case means something that seems unusual if it is cited with the condition of Indonesia now days. Although Japan is not folktale land that is ideal, there's universal kindness values to apply in Indonesia. Japan is sometimes called the and of the rising sun. The Japanese themselves call their country Nihon or Nippon, which means origin of the sun. You can see an picture of the sun on Japans flag: a red circle on a plain white background. In plenty of ways, Japan is elderly & traditional. Its also of the worlds most modern, & densely populated, countries.
Police, the technique of work and protect
Indonesian astonished when the first time they had arrived in Kobe and see the vehicle and police posture which is not more gallant than Indonesia post officer. You will assume I am making a joke if I say that the Police motorbike in Kobe and Ashiya same with parrot flying in 70es. I am not making a joke. Its ! The Police of the giant city in the world. Parrot flying with iron box in the back side look like delivers officer. But, if this police stops a vehicle, never I see among them try to escape. There is not benefit try to escape in the country with the best networking technique. Wherever you run, you will meet the police with the same uniform. Slow but definite! You need to know that the police in Japans as a control function and decision maker, both this function truly dont necessary the muscular and six pack body. Differ from Police officer in Indonesia. They have the six pack body (read: fatness), and dont try to make issue with them, because you will loss much funds in the event you require to solve the issue.
Environment and Transportation
Japan is home to about 127 million people. Most of them live in towns and cities in the narrow plains along the coasts. This makes Japan of the most crowded countries in the world. How crowded? In Tokyo, some people work as people pushers. They push people onto crowded subway trains! The people of Japan are all Japanese. There is tiny ethnic diversity. exception is the Ainu. They are the native people of Japan. The Ainu one time  disappeared, but today they are reviving their traditions. Most Ainu live on Hokkaido.
Japan has plenty of gigantic cities such as Yokohama, Osaka, Sapporo, and Kyoto. But Tokyo, on the island of Honshu, is by far the largest. How gigantic is Tokyo? Its the largest city in the whole world! There's over 26 million people living in and around Tokyo. The city is the capital of Japan and the nations economic and cultural middle. Tokyo has something for everyone. It's over 100 universities. It's museums such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Museum of Science. It's theaters for modern plays as well as traditional Japanese theater. It's elderly religious sites such as the Meiji Shrine and the Kanda Shrine. It even has an imperial palace. Thats where the emperor of Japan, the nations symbolic leader, still lives. Tokyo is modern. High-speed trains, called bullet trains, connect Tokyo to other parts of Japan. Tokyo is a middle for services such as banking and insurance, new expertise, and manufacturing.
Japan is not state with little resident; could be a half of Indonesia population. On the other side, this country predominates by mountain which is difficult to dwelling. The green mountain will make you assume that the Japan government deliberate makes it green. Differ with Indonesia, which is given cheapness by God with fertile nature and abundance natural resources. Forest in this state continuously cut away illegal logging for properties of some people and you know what will happen in the summertime and rainy season. Catastrophe will come without appointment and plenty of people can be victims.
Tokyo is metropolis with the largest resident in the world. The gigantic amount of resident with the narrow area which can be dwelt and the high economic levels can insinuate things: tidiness and hygienist. You would hard to meet anthropogenic rubbish on the way in Japan. Japanese put their shoes by hand not by foot or thrown. They aware havent gigantic area. They put down with already position to out room. This thing is according to their characteristic that they always well-prepared. But Indonesia is the worlds fourth most populous country, after China, India, and the United States. Some Indonesian islands are crowded. Over half of Indonesias 238 million people live on island, Java. Java covers an area about the size of New York State. Jakarta, Indonesias capital and largest city, is located on Java pulling down her shoes on free place.

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