Sabtu, 13 November 2010

A Scale for Assesing the Cognitive a Potential Workouts

  • Evaluation
Making a judgement of nice or bad, right or wrong, valuable or useless, according to standards designated by learners.
For example, writing a critical review.
  • Synthesis
Solving an issue that requires original, creative thinking.
For example, working with a group on a large-scale project such as planning & producing a class newsletter, a panel discussion, etc.
  • Analysis
Solving an issue in the light of conscious knowledge of the parts & forms of thinking.
For example, playing a board game (dominoes, checker) or a card game in which choice must be made among known possibilities.
  •  Application
Solving a life-like issue that requires the identification of the issues & the choice & use of appropriate generalizations & skills.
For example, taking part in a simulation which the issues to be resolved are known & understood by the participants although the result will be determined trough the group interaction itself.
  •  Interpretation
Discovering relationship among fact, generalizations, definitions, values, & skills.
For example, taking notes at a lecture, then using ones notes to answers evaluative questions about the content of the lecture.
  • Translation
Changing information in to a different symbolic from or language.
For example, reading information in a text, then scanning to find specific facts in order to put the correct information in a chart, map or the graphic display.
  • Memory
Recalling or recognizing information.
For example, reading a passage in a text then answering comprehension questions which ask about specific details in the text.

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