Senin, 15 November 2010


Inventory C is a list of communicative, sociocultural function which the planners pick to include in the work of study. However, planners are faced with seriour difficulities cince there is no reference teks that provide a comprehensive description of speech act behaviour in english much less for the first language of the learners. What designers would need to know from such a preference teks would be the following information about each speech act that they pick to include in the work plan:
  •     The typical situation in which each speech act is used by native speakers. For example, what are some typical situation in which native speaker of english tend to apologize, complain, or complimente the hearer?
  •     The extent to which the speech act change in form or choice of the patticular uuterence according to the participants taking part.
  •     The most frequent uttereances that the native speaker used to over out this speech act in formal & casual settings.

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