Rabu, 10 November 2010


Communicative goals have produced profound changes in the dimensions of a syllabus. In language content, the shift has been marked by an enlargement in the scope of the whole area. The process zone has been emphasized through attention to global, cognitive, & inventive practices which they will call workouts. The product area has reflected re-emphasized interest in the language skills, reading, & writing. Although the communicative approach may not always generate radical changes, it's affected our view of the way in which work outcomes are introduced, defined & evaluated.
The purpose of this chapter is to show the communicative approach is not a process which replaces older ones, but alters & expands the part of the existing ones in terms of language content work products, & learning processes. The most significant contribution of the communicative approach is that it's brought about a more comprehensive view of language teaching & learning.
As indicated in diagram 6, the communicative syllabus has expanded in all of the areas which comprise the parts of a syllabus.
Communicative goals have brought about more comprehensive view of the language part. Consequently, content in the curriculum has been expanded to include not only structures, situations, & themes or topics, but also ideas (notions) & functions.

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