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The Kinds of Zakah in Islam

And it must complete the conditions, that are :
  • one. Nisab of gold zakah is twenty dinar (mistsqal) or about 96 gram. The zakah is two,5%
  • two. Nisab of silver Zakah is 200 dirham, or about 672 gram. The zakah is two,5%
  • two. Nisab of funds is at the cost of gold 96 gram
  • three. Al anam or livestock animal :
    Goat     : 
         40-120 goats     = one goat
         120-200 goats= two goats
         201-300 goats    = two goats
         301-400 goats= three goats
         401-500 goats= two goats

Cow     : 
            30 cows    = one cow year elderly) and next to 2nd year, its called tabii)
  •    40 cows    = one cow (female, two years elderly next to 3rd year, its called musinnah.)
  •      60 cows     = two tabii
  •      70 cows    = a tabii and a musinnah

Camel : 
  • 2 camels    = a goat
    •      10camels     = two goats
  •    15 camels    = two goats
  •    20    = three goats
  •    25 camels     = a female camel one years elderly next to 2nd year
  •    36 camels    = a female camel two years elderly next to 3rd year

Land product, all of land product must be paid of its zakah if it reaches nisab. The nisab is two wasak, or about 700 kg. If land product watering with rain, the zakah is 10%, but if the water is bought is 5%.
Trading zakah, if trading result reaches wealth as 96gram gold cost, the zakah is two,5%.If all of things reach nisab, the zakah must be taken.

There are kinds of Zakah. That are Zakah fitrah and Zakah Mal (treasure). Zakah Fitrah is zakah that has to be paid in every one Syawal (Idul Fitri). Meanwhile, Zakah Mal is zakah that has to be paid when our treasure has reaching nisab.
Zakah Fitrah
The conditions a who must pay zakat fitrah is :
  •    Someone who are Islam
  •     Have more food for his relatives in that day
  •    People live in the sundown before one syawal
The measure of zakah fitrah is for each person has to pay about two,305 Kg. (or two ½ Kg.) of rice or another essential food in each country.The best time to pay zakah fitrah is before pray idul fitri. But can also paid from the first time of Ramadhan month.

Zakah Mal
Zakah mal is zakah taken from wealth that they have, such as :
  •     Gold and Silver
  •     livestock animal
  •    zakah al al zuru wa al tsamar, such as cereal, fruits, etc
  •    goods mine

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