Senin, 15 November 2010


Inventory B is a list of themes and topics. Its mind purpose is fold: (a) to provide appropriate cultural contextualization for the language material in asyllabus, and (b) to motivate interest by using topics that are relevan and appealing to a specific groupof learners. This stock is of vital importance and may final make or break the work in terms of its success in the classroom. The topic to be included may come from questionnaires administered to potencial students of similar age groups and interentes as well as from open discussion with students at a similar level. 

Another strategy for topic choice is to integrate content from other subject mater areas in the work curriculum. For example, major topic that appear in history, geography, social students, or science can be integrated with the english language work by using them in the specification of themes and topic. In the language pedagogy literature, this approach has been called  language in the content aresa. A related suggestion in ESL in higher schooling is the sheltered course in which no native students learn the english language through special classes in subject content areas: for example history and Economic.

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