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Teaching how to rhime

Help Your Kid Improve Auditory Skills by Teaching How to Rhyme
Knowing how to rhyme will help your kid read word "families" such as let, met, pet, wet, & get. Notice that rhyming words have same sound endings but different beginning sounds. Some words don't look the same: ache, cake, steak but they rhyme. To teach your kid how to rhyme, play a game.

Body Name Game
How to Play: Start by modeling how to rhyme. Point to parts of your body, say a rhyming word & your kid ought to say the body part. This puts rhyming in to her ears with a visual cue (pointing). In the event you point to your nose & say rose, they will automatically say nose.

 . Give her examples: "I'm pointing to my leg, & I say beg. You say leg. I am pointing to my nose. I say rose, & you say nose.

 . Tell your kid, "We are going to play a rhyming game. Rhyming words have the same sound endings. I will point to something on my body, & say a word. You are going to say the body part that rhymes. All right?"

 sack-back     go-toe
 put-foot     bye-eye
 see-knee     bear-hair
 band-hand     peek-cheek

 . Here's a list of body parts & rhyming words:

When your kid rhymes body parts, play this game:

 . When your kid can do this, turn it around. Point to your knee & your kid will say a rhyming word such as bee or me!

 . Say, "I'm going to say a word & you'll tell me as plenty of rhyming words as you can. I say bee." Your kid then says words such as "he, they, they, free, or agree."

 . Pick one-syllable words that are simple to rhyme with such as had, rat, man, fall,0, red, giant, fill, hop, dog, bug & sun. All of these have multiple words that rhyme.

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