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Celebryty Appreantice 2

What makes a job a great job? Obviously, different people will give different answers. It is impossible to account for everyone's personal taste and character traits -- including foibles -- and how they might fit in to a specific job. What makes a great job opportunity is much simpler to gauge. How much do you get paid? What kind of professional development opportunities are obtainable? How much room for innovation does a role offer?

What They Thought about
Clearly, you require to select a career that is in high demand. Because job growth is so important. Funds also matters. They based our wage range -- an indication of the chance for wage growth -- on the difference between the 10th percentile earnings and the 90th percentile earnings for a given job. This gives a picture of where you might finish up in relation to where you started. A great job, in our view, also requires a great deal of investment in schooling. Our schooling score is based on what percentage of those working in the field hold a college degree. Finally, a great job needs to give you room to run. How innovative and inventive are you able to be? How open to new ideas are people in your profession? What you have any relationships?

Doing the Job
In addition to the rankings and some brief job descriptions, we have profiled ten leaders actually working in a quantity of these fascinating positions. Though they come from a variety of fields and backgrounds, there's some common threads jogging through them -- besides the fact that they love their jobs. Most find themselves working at the intersection of business and expertise, which keeps things fresh. All of them give the same advice about being successful at work, : Stay flexible. These jobs are not for the rigid of mind, and you need to accept that they might take you places you don't expect to go. That is part of the fun -- and what makes these jobs the best.

I one times had a dream job as a Human Resources Director for of the most prestigious employers in the area. When I got that job I jumped for joy. It was the highlight of my career.
The pay was great, I had a immense office, lots of responsibility, great coworkers, travelled first class and tons of status. But the boss was seldom happy with my work. They constantly complained and I was always on performance warning. My performance according to him was marginal. Not bad to get fired but not nice either. I worked so hard to that difficult man.

Finally they got worn out of it all and at my years anniversary, I was pulled in to his office and fired. I had0 minutes to clear out my things and leave. No severance pay or reference.

It took me  a year to discover a brand spanking new job and I seldom could make as much funds or be in a similar type job ever. Because of the location of my elderly employer, I am forced to drive by it on a regular basis. I am always reminded of my failure in that job as I drive to work and pass by my elderly office.

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