Jumat, 19 November 2010

Celebrity Appreantice

Hydra and Empresario given challenging from Celebrity Appreantice for sell a kind of food (hotdog). They are given opportunity to choose a leader for managing team. The first step, they choose the place which gives more advantages. So, they will become winning team. The second, they start to get connection or relationship to help them and buy their product with high cost for religion purpose. Each people hard work to give the best for their team. Finally, after work long day, Boss will discharge someone from the team who get bed job. The fact, Hydra team get less compare empresario team. Consequently, people must be get out from team. Omaroso as a leader give explanation for every people in her team. Tifany as a youngest girl in that team assume not give the best for Hydra. So, Mr. Donal Trump as a Large Boss decided for discharge Tifanny from the Celebrity Appereantice.

The Story:

I think, There's some factors why Tifanny as a feasible girl must be back:
The first, he as a famous model not makes use of her link or relation to help him buy the product. He gives reason that he will be use it for the next challenging but in the business opportunity never comes again. So, he must be learning from it. The second, he doesnt try to defend from Omaroso assault. Omaroso ambitious and blame Tiffany for this failed. So, The Large Boss, Donal Trump decided for discharge Tifanny from the Hydra team.

My Analysis for This Case:

Have you ever failed on a job and relive it over and over and over!

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