Minggu, 28 November 2010

Example of Teaching Learning Process

Class atmosphere that is arranged as comfort as feasible make of students can learn optimally. So that, teacher can give schooling & teaching keep with idea which have been drawn up before. Interaction of multi direction can be created basically being supported by structural of students organization & using the right time so that altogether goes well.

In her learning, they could make the scholars become spirit. Beside them, her teaching was fascinating & was not bored, they also asked them some questions as the proof in the event that they concern on the lesson. After that in the spare time, they correlated her experience to the lesson, because students usually will be more understand & keep in mind the lesson if it is correlated the specific thing. Beside that they also told about the benefits of the lesson to them, & they looked like it. In the last meeting, they returned to check their curiousness by giving them opportunity to ask some troubles in the work of studying I the class.
But when they explained the lesson they didnt correlate the material with the explanation that will be taught in the next time. Perhaps in the order to the student can be focus in a material.

Searching  idea of core
 Activity that goes on in class room still is controlled by teacher. When school activity started, teacher gives clarification formula early hitting items which will be studied. in this case learn more dot weigh against understanding of every student, because this select step afterwards, learn to give opportunity to students to ask less discussion point comprehensibility to be re-explained. Besides students were also given opportunity to raise the issue of which emerge from the items & all that conducted by using skills of method. Farther after various activities of query & answer between pupil & teacher, teacher describe idea of core.

To improve the quality of schooling, knowledge of students, school ought to provide various medium able to support school activity method. In this school has not equipped yet by up to date media in submitting Lesson & still use the way of manual media. Nevertheless all students can directly involve in work of learning & teaching.

For enquiry skill, students apply standard language & the questions also adapted by level thinking of students. So  there's not happened irrational questions or query leaping from discussion was being studied

Reinforcing the Idea, for this learning aspect, the teacher used all the items of the indicator which are; first is giving practical exercises, for example the teacher wrote the questions on the board so the scholars ought to answer its on the paper in the definite time. Secondly is exploring keywords because of the subject material is about direct & indirect speech so the keyword focusing on is  said that or by using quotation mark  before & after the sentence. & the last but not least is the student had to make conclusion & home work which was given by the teacher.

In this term (Closing Session), the teacher neither gave the scholars the reward / praise nor mention the next subject. However, they did giving the expectation & hope the scholars could practice the subject material more so that they would get the improvement for the next meeting. Finally, they closed that meeting by saying Salam as a last greeting.

Evaluation doing in this school is introduced by teachers controlling in the work of learning method & continuing to correction. Because of controlling from the teacher, they knew her pupils abilities qualities & quantities. Therefore the evaluation is given objectively.

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