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Teacher Function in Teaching learning Process

Muhibbin Syah said that function of teacher in Teaching method is Director of learning, its mean every teacher ought to be able to lead teaching method innovatively to reach the primary aim of teaching method. Nevertheless, in this modern period function of teacher in schooling has improved not only as a teacher but also as a director of learning. It's lead to teachers duty and responsibility become more complex and heavy.
Gagne said that every teacher has function as Designer of instruction, manager of instruction and evaluator of student learning. Teacher as designer of instruction means that teacher ought to be able and prepared to generate teaching learning method usefully and successfully. Therefore, to reach this function the teacher must have lovely knowledge and skill related to learning principles.

Teacher as manager of instruction, its mean the teacher ought to be able to manage all of phase of teaching learning method, beside that teacher able to control and execute phase and condition of learning method. Among management activity of learning method, the most important thing is the teacher must be generating lovely situation and condition in order to students can learn useful and successful. In the other hand, the condition requires to be created in such a manner so that communications method in democratic way. Therefore they can play the role in their rule.

Teacher as evaluator of student learning means the teacher as an evaluator & assessor of the student learning result. In this function the teacher hopes follow students grow in achievement learning. This activity process ideally takes place in continuity & in phase of learning toward. On the other hand the teacher ought to give a follow up to student who cant reach optimal learning. To motivate low student achievement the teachers has to do relearning. In vice versa, if the teacher fined lovely result the student ought to be motivated to improve student learning activity in order to complex material can be mastered.

Beside teacher as designer of instruction, manager of instruction & evaluator of student learning, Douglas gives some point related to teacher function, they are: teacher as facilitator & as resource. The facilitating role requires that teacher steps away from the managerial or directive role & permit students, with teacher guidance & gentle prodding here & there, to find their own pathways to success. A facilitator is allowing students to discover language or material through using it pragmatically than telling them about language.

Teacher as resource is that the student takes the initiative to come to teacher. Teachers give time to student for advises & counsel when the student seeks it. There fore teacher ought to release student to try things for them selves.

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