Minggu, 21 November 2010

How to Donate Your Zakah in Islam

You can give your zakah online, specifying zakah as the type of your donation. For all projects and money listed on the website you have the choice, whenever applicable, to specify your donation is zakah. You can also give your zakah over the phone or by cheque as you would any other donation to Muslim Hands.
Spread the Cost: Give Zakah Regularly
Did you know you can spread your zakah payments over the year? Lots of of our donors find it more convenient and simpler to pay their zakah in every month installments. Doing so is simple: basically calculate your zakah payments, divide this by 12 and set up a regular gift, specifying zakah as the type of donation.
Keep in mind that you can pay your zakah in every month installments for the coming year and not in arrears.

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