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Which Type of Homeschooling Method is Suitable for Your Child

Most parents have a simple perception of homeschooling. In most parents mind, homeschooling is fundamentally watching their children do their home-work & studying textbooks.

However, homeschooling is much over that. There is a lot of different types of homeschooling methods, each with a different homeschooling "philosophy". Each "philosophy" dictates the curriculum & the style of teaching.

Following are some of the most popular & influential homeschooling methods.

Charlotte Mason process:

The Charlotte Mason process place great emphasis on arts such as classical literature & music & poetry. Miss Mason advocates on what they called "Living Books". The child is read to every day from the "Living Books" & then ask to document what he/she has heard. Mason believed in introducing the child to the humanities while they is still young, while they is forming his character.

Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) was an innovative educator who took a unique approach to schooling. They was passionate in laying out the foundations for a complete homeschooling program that is not only effective but also fun & educational simultaneously.

Classical Schooling Process:

Classical Christian schooling is unique in that it seeks to faithfully restore the most proven type of schooling ever developed. This schooling produced the greatest thinkers, leaders, & scientists in the Western world from the time of the Greeks until the late 19th century, including America's founding fathers.

The Eclectic Homeschooling:

It is based on what has been called the trivium. A child goes through phases as he/she learns. In grades K-6, students are excellent at memorizing. In grades 7-8, students become more argument-oriented. They are prepared to be taught logic & critical thinking. In grades 9-12, students become independent thinkers & communicators concerned with their appearance to others. Classical schooling teaches them "rhetoric," the art of speaking, communicating, & writing.

The Montessori Process:

This is a mix of various homeschooling techniques & takes from each thus forming his own homeschooling "philosophy". Parents use their best judgement to pick topics that will make the best schooling for their child. Usually, they are going to be continuously looking out for the best educational products that suit their kid's needs. The parents then make changes in the curriculum to accommodate the individual needs & interests of their children.

Dr. Maria Montessori, believes that learning is a natural, self-directed process. It was observed that children undergo periods of intense concentration in the coursework of which he/she will repeat an activity until he/she gains a sense of satisfaction. The Montessori process depends on a prepared surroundings to facilitate learning. All the materials used in this process are designed to satisfy the inner desire for spiritual development of the child. The materials used progress from simple to complex, & are pricey.

The methods above are some of the methods of homeschooling & I hope it gives you an insight on which will suit your child best. But irrespective of the methods used, the underlying principle is to make use of the kid's desire for knowledge to further his/her schooling.

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