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The most difficult task in focus choice in combaining the inventories. The aim is generate coursework plan s which will consist of a theme (including related sub-topics), a list of notion s and gramatical structuresand a choice functions. The first concren is: which stock ought to be basic? Here the answer depends entirely on coursework aim: the linguistic stock has historicallyin the past been organized in a sure sequence so its fit everyone cultural expectations. Like reciting the alphabet in customary order, it seems natural and basic.

Assumed the designers select to focus on verb phrases that express habitual, regular events ( non-durative present) under the general notions time with special focus on frequency, information which comes from stock A. Picking up stock B, they now look for theme or topic that could provide this notional-grammatical unit with suitable contextual background. There's various possibilities, depending on the age and background of students, issues of reccurent relevance, etc.

The planners working with this unit may relize the necessity to add adjactives & modals based on their experience with a specific learner audience. Or they may choose to add them to encourage learners to make use of these structure. What is important is that these srtuctural element ought to not occure in isolation, devoid of meaning. , all structute foccused actifities ought to be used to provide additioanl communicative practice around the theme of transportations-travel. The planner would, however, start with stock B as the vocal sceleton. Diong so would suit a thematic organizational design. Assume thet of the general themes isfood & drink. A nimber of sub-theme or topics would be listed within this general theme such as: shopping for food & drink. Of work lots of other feasible topics could be added to the list to suit a specific learners audience for which the work is being planned.

Each sub-theme would then be expanded to relate to sure function: in the unit of shopping, the learners would need to ask for information concerning prices, quantities, brands, sizes, etc. when discussing exports, they might need to interview an specialist on the topic which would lead to the inclusion the functions such s introductions, invitations, requestes, suggestions, expressions of argument, etc. thse function would than make up stock C for these thematic unit. Finally, the planners would come back to stock A and select various grammaticala teachers needed in order to deal with the various-themes and functions. Thus, for example, for the shopping sub-theme they may need quantifiers for the different types of foods and drink and mastery of the quaestion mechanism in order to ask for information.

 Whether the planners chhose to start with stock A,B , And C as the pivotal core of the coursework will depend entirely on the goals and the audiences they have in mind. An example of such an interaction of different inventories is present in the planning map for Swan and Walters(1984).

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