Selasa, 09 November 2010

Indonesia VS Japan in many cases 2

Health and Hospital
Japan understand correctness that only healthy individuals who capable to give advance for the state and notion. In Kobe University, the scholars obliged to check up every year without pay. Healthy facilities in Japan get high attention from government. Dont imagine that the hospital will give different treatment to insurance card owner, and surely for you are holding inabilities card. The doctors and nurses serve with undiminished scalabilities and also same procedures of the simples. And dont give a conclusion that you must pay your obligation bill to pay on same day when you will go out from the hospital.

Market, show of sincerity and attention
In case you transact with cashiers in Japan, you would always receiving modify in fully number, matching with the which as described at payment slip. No less, even yen. There is no reason for receiving peppermint as a modify when you pay more. Not only that, the bank system in Japan capable to providing yen (recehan) for merchant and vending machine.
In Japan supermarket, in case you ask about something, the officer is not only giving guide direction, like the most of steward on some supermarket in Indonesia, but also will send finite you with the searched goods, and officer will leave you after ensuring that everything is OK!

Government office and service public
You have ever seen a group of ant? Yes, that is like government officer situation in Japan. Nothing ant , over read a newspaper, all employer on office always move from the job to other job from the bell was ringing after come back lateness to home. So, they prepared to sit for several hours, concentration and stare at monitor with the same type. Arrange the room in Japan start from the leader until system staff sat on the same room  without partition all people can see each other that all of them have a job. If people read a newspaper, so they would be ashamed. The actions which very dramatic for Indonesian still add with escape from the leader or staff when give service to public. The officers in Japan not only seriously when give service but also with smirk and kindness. You will very unbelievable with they wage which according to fee standard in Japan. They have a personal proud if work as a public officers, pride closing over production which dont differing from other profession.
When you are a student, you will get lots of facilities from Japan government. In case you require to various for the properties, you require to visit district office Kuyakosho or Shiyakosho. Some document must filled, but dont worry, usually in Japan exactly and uncomplicated. So, in lots of opportunities you require to fill a kind of column: do you side line (arubaito: part time job) and in other things, the query answered by mouth, yes or no. Verifications letter not necessarily from Rt or Rw. Trust that lovely systems always require sincerity. Syncerity base on system would quickly onward an increased, simultaneously very efficient.

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