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Ihsan (The Art of Sufies)

In some versions ( in a narration by Umar Razhiallahu anhu) of the Hadeethe Ihsan, they find Jibreel Alaihissalam pronouncing 'Sadaqta' (you said the truth) for the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be on him) answers to his queries on Islam and Iman. They also find the Sahaba's astonishment at the stranger's (Jibreel) act of asking a query and then validating it. The important point to note is that Jibreel alaihissalam did not tell anything to the Prophet's (peace be on him) answer on Ihsan. The Sufis have explained to us that the angels have no idea about Ihsan and man has been gifted with that great state. Even in the Hadeethe Ihsan, the prophet (peace be on him) has used ka' meaning as if which plenty of people fail to notice. Though plenty of people attribute plenty of reasons to it, practically it is impossible to see Allah, in this world. If they are to see Him, They ought to be away from us and again the idea of existence comes, which is not true. Yes, the creations do exist but, there existence is due to the existence of Allah. They exist within Him. The query of how they will see Allah in the here-after ought to not arise. It is beyond our comprehension but there remains no doubts on it. May Allah shower us all with the blessing of his 'Likha' (vision). The sifaaths, explained clearly, also belong to Allah and what they find it in the creations are its reflections.We can feel and get excited over these Sifaths coming out of the creations.

Faith (religion) has such a control that it keeps the whole humanity away from bended characteristics and mean deeds. It helps us to attain distinguishing morals. When they look in to the Quran they always find whenever Allah called his servants towards virtue or wanted them to hate terrible, They said that it is an essential prerequisite of the faith in their hearts.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) said,  Modesty and faith are twins. who gives up somebody of these would lose the other as well. Modesty is divided in to parts; respectable speech, bashfulness and humility. A man who believes in Allah and the Last Day ought to speak nice or keep (Bukhari). The Prophet said, By God they is not a Mumin, they, repeated this thrice. Then when asked about it, they said,  They from whose misdeeds his neighbours are not safe (Bukhari). When anyone asked the Prophet, Which is the best thing given to man? They replied, Best moral character(Trimidhi). On the Day of Judgement there will be nothing heavier in the balance/scale of a Mumin than the goodness of character. Allah (swt) dislikes an obscene and a rude talker. The bearers of nice moral character reaches to the level of the carrier of the prayer and fasting on account of his nice character. (Ahmad)

All the above hadith clearly states that it is necessary for a Muslim to have best Morals.
 would have read the philosophies or ethical teachings of great Philosophers like Aristotle and others like him. They have outlined these philosophies after great difficulty. Their teachings appear to be ideal or complete only in definite aspects while in other aspects they appear incomplete but the custom of Prophet Muhammad is complete in all aspects. Five times a Muslim learned man was asked,  Have you read the principles of Aristotle? for which they replied,  No, I have read the principles of Muhammad bin Abdullah. What or whose principle or philosophy can be more ideal than the principles of Prophet Muhammad. of the purpose of the Prophet for being sent down to the world is mentioned in this hadith: I have been sent only for the purpose of perfecting nice morals. (Al  Muwatta). When they perform an act with Ihsan, it becomes a tool leads another person to Iman.

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