Rabu, 17 November 2010

Syllabus: Other System Other Worlds

Are there additional ways to analyze language that advance the discussion beyond the issue of the discrete vs. the holistic? Are there other glasses they might try on through which to perceive things from another point of view? Materials writers who need to shed the constraints of desecrate point analyses, yet who recognize that language content for coursework design purpose must be based on some kind of orderly presentation, would do well to look to other fields that study human language as a communication system. What are the complex technique of language which other social sciences have determined? An fascinating tip of the iceberg is mentioned by Morrow (1981:62) regarding information gaps, an idea that comes from the communication theory. From this source they recognize that our materials might incorporate, through workouts, ways which get learners to make use of language holistically by seeking withheld information with which to successfully accomplish a given task.
Other suggestion have been made for the utilization of language content based on analyses that are less tied to discreteness since they draw on systemic characteristic.
From the field of ethno methodology have come significant insights in to how users employ language to over out their everyday, mundane business.
Capra goes on to point out that in the twentieth century the universe is no longer seen as a machine, made up of a mass of separate objects, but appears as a harmonious indivisible whole. A network of dynamic relationship that include the human observer and his or her consciousness in a essential way.

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