Minggu, 21 November 2010

Zakah Calculator in Islam

To aid you in calculating your zakah obligations we have created a zakah calculator. Basically enter details such as how much funds, gold, shares etc. you own & find out how much zakah is payable.

The zakah calculator is designed to cover comparatively simple cases & the circumstances faced by individuals only. In the event you are a business or have further questions about how to calculate your zakah then contact us & they will be happy to help.

Calculate my zakah
of the plenty of benefits of zakah is that it helps provide a type of social justice: a way to redistribute wealth from the better off to those who are less lucky. For this reason those that are eligible to get zakah are exactly stipulated unlike the case of general sadaqah.

all of Muslim Hands' work with the poor & needy, including orphans, widows & the disabled involves working directly with those zakah is intended to help.

Paying your zakah through Muslim Hands not only lets you fulfil your obligations & rest assured your funds is being given to those in need & in accordance with Islamic law but also lets you support our work with some of the planet's poorest people.

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