Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

About Indonesia

Indonesia has around 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural identities developed over centuries, & influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, & European sources. Traditional Javanese & Balinese dances, for example, contain aspects of Hindu culture & mythology, as do wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performances. Textiles such as batik ,ikat & songket are created across Indonesia in styles that vary by region. The most dominant influences on Indonesian architecture have historicallyin the past been Indian. However, Chinese, Arab, & European architectural influences have been significant (Wikipedia).

OK, lets start recognize Indonesia from the word.The name Indonesia derives from the Latin indus , & the Greek nesos, meaning island.Indonesia is a republic with a presidential process. As a unitary state, power is concentrated in the central government. Following the resignation of President Soeharto in 1998, Indonesian political & governmental structures have undergone major reforms. amendments to the 1945 Constitution of Indonesia have revamped the executive,judicial , & legislative branches.The president of Indonesia is the head of state, commander-in-chief of the Indonesian National Armed Forces , & the director of domestic governance, policymaking, & foreign affairs. The president appoints a council of ministers, who are not necessary to be selected members of the legislature. The 2004 presidential election was the first in which the people directly selected the president & vice president. The president may serve a maximum of consecutive five-year terms (Wikipedia).

Well, from political point of view they have a pleasant governance & orderly.As far as my view This process of government can give lovely results for their people. But in point of fact, that is not what happened. People struggling for everything, crime rate is still high, low morality, also when they speak about unemployment. So far government still trying to make improvements in every aspect.

Indonesian economy is not bad. they can survive the economic crisis which is affecting some countries in asia. If Indonesia compared with China definitely they are still behind.but they seldom gave up. always try & pray in all things., so that in 2010 Indonesia experienced economic growth of around 6%.

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