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Teaching Reading for Children 2

Which method to pick?
Clearly, if there was correct method for teaching all children to read, then method would exist.
 to six year olds
  •  to six years olds are likely to take longer to learn to read in a foreign language than six to0 year olds.
  •  If your pupils have not learnt to read in their own language, lots of won't yet have understood what a word is, nor what the connection is between the spoken & the written word.
  •  Sentence structure, paragraphing, grammar  none of this means anything to most pupils at this stage.
  • Six too year elderly beginners
The giant majority of six to0 year olds will already be able to read a bit in their own language & most appear to have tiny difficulty in transferring their reading skills to English.
  • Beginning off
Let us take as our example a class of six year olds who have English for short lessons a week. Lets look at feasible beginning points.
  •     Reading a narrative from a book
You can read aloud from a book. Children like to have their favourite tales repeated & they will often be able to tell you the story word for word.
  •  Reading a class story
In lieu of reading from a book, you may need to make use of a class story as your beginning point for reading
  •     Reading texts based on the childs language
This approach has proved effective with beginners in both age groups. The idea is that each individual pupil has his or her own written text which says what they or they desires it to say, & is used for both father tongue & foreign language learning. For example, theres no point in pupils bringing in a picture of the place where they live, in the event that they have no words to speak about it.
  •     Reading familiar nursery rhymes or songs.
Most children learn nursery rhymes in their father tongue & in English without having a complete understanding of what theyre saying.

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