Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Review Eclipse 1

Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Her fathers place (who work as a head Police in Forks, Washington). In Forks Senior High School, He met with Edward Cullen, a vampire who finally to be Bellas fella. Bella wishes to be a Vampire , because he will be able to accompany Edward forever. But Edward never allows Bella to do that. For the last, Edward gives recruitment if He wishes to be a vampire, he's to get marries first with him.
Edward lives together with his brother in law (Carlisle Cullen), brother in law (Esme Cullen), brother in law (Alice Cullen) & his brother (Jasper Hale & Emmet Cullen) in a home which far from town. Cullens relatives is Vampire, but they dont drink humans blood. They hold on thirsty with animals blood as a satisfaction.
Edward ever leaves Bella for several times because when Bellas birthday has held, He  to killed by Jasper Hale. Bella will crazy for it. He cant manage herself. But Jacob Black comes in, He is son of Bella fathers mate, Bill Black who the fact werewolf (the main enemy of werewolf is Vampire), assumed wolf that protect Quilette tribe.
Since arrival of Jacob, Bella can manage herself anymore. Regrettably, Edward comes again. For that reason, relationship between Bella & Jacob become so far. Bella feel loss someone on his life, because Jacob never come again. Bella wishes to met him but Edward doesnt permit Bella to go to La Push (the place of Quilette tribe), because He assume La Push danger for Bella.

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