Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Young Children Characteristic 1

Young children are usually filled with enthusiasm and energy, and the language lessons will be filled with variety changes of activity. So, as a teacher of young children it helps lots of in case you have a sense of humor, you are open-minded, adaptable, patient, etc., but even in case you are the silent, reserved type, you can work on your attitudes and abilities.

Beside that, six times children feel secure and content in the classroom, they can be encouraged to become independent and adventurous in the learning of the language. Security is not an attitude or ability, but it is essential if they would like our children to get the maximum out of the language lessons.

Based on Wendy A. Scott and Lisbeth H. Ytreberg (1990: 1-2) that there is a giant difference between what children of can do and what children of0 can do. Some children create early, some later. Some children create gradually, others in leaps and bounds. It is impossible to say that at the age of all children can do x, at the age of six they can all do y, or that at the age of0 they can all do z. According to The children divided in to main groups, the to six year olds and the six to0 year olds. The book assuming that the to six year olds are all at level, the beginner stage. The six to0 year olds may also beginners, or they may have been learning the foreign language for some time.

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