Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Bearing Witness in Islam

Today, world full with deference & high expertise, become an element in our life, in the city. This case, form advance which get by human & make practice in all of our li9fe. It is a chance for us to increase our ability & know what all happen in the world. But, plenty of adolescent stuck in a modify is so fast & frighten all of part in our life in a modify. They must competition to become the best. They have plenty of freedoms in their life, plenty of of them use the freedom to be creative & make to positive activity. Therefore, their life become full color, & they get plenty of achievement to support their life, present & future. But also much adolescent use freedom to negative activity. They mind, freedom is a free in all part of life. Plenty of issue have plenty of happen, free sex & drugs is of plenty of bad activity in a freedom world. It is to become a reason why did they lose some part of their life, now & may be until they aware thats way they as a youth of generation must prepare our self with lovely religion foundation & avoid responsibility & make our life without purpose, avoid free sex & always say no to drugs & also they must always empowering, as ability through positive activity & learning to get bright future.

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