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Teaching Reading for Children 1

Teaching Reading

Books open up other worlds to young children, & making reading an enjoyable activity is a very important part of the language learning experience.

Approaches to reading
There's lots of different ways ton approach the introduction of reading in a foreign language.
  •     Phonics
This approach is based on letters & sounds. Fundamentally, they teach the pupils the letters of the alphabet, & the combination of letters.
  •    Look & say
This approach is based on words & phrases, & makes lots of use of flashcards. The teacher shows the children the word & says it while painting to the object. The children repeat the world.
  •     Whole sentence reading
Here the teacher teaches recognition of whole phrases & sentences which have meaning in themselves. This often means a narrative which the children read for the first time themselves after the whole text is familiar to them.
  •   Language experience approach
This approach to reading is based on the childs spoken language. The teacher writes down a sentence for the kid to read which is based on what the kid has said.

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