Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Modes of Interpreting 2

  • Common use of Sight Translations
Sight Translation is most often used in the public sector with medical appointments. If a patient speaks a different language to their doctor a Sight Translator might be used to read an explanation of a diagnosis from a medical textbook to the patient. Alternatively they might be used to read the directions and dosage of medication to a patient who speaks a different language
  •  Sight Translation
In the event you have a short text you require translating, but you don't have time to wait for a full translation, you require a Sight Translator. Sight Translations differ to most other types of Interpreting as the original message is delivered to the Interpreter in written form. The Interpreter reads the document in its source language translates it to the audience's selected language and delivers the translation orally. In most cases this means the Interpreter speaks in the target language simultaneously as reading in the source language.

  • Sight Translators
Sight Translators require to be able to multitask to be able to read a text in language and deliver it in another language, as well as being able to reply to any questions or comments from their audience. Sight Translators also require the reading and translation skills of regular translators but the oral delivery and presentation skills of an Interpreter.

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