Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Young Children Characteristic 2

Four too year olds
What four too year olds can do in this level?
  •   They can tell the difference between fact and fiction.
  •  They have positive views about what they like and dont like doing
  • They can work with others and learn from others.
  •  They have a developed sense of fairness about what happens in the classroom and start to query the teachers decisions.
  •  They ask questions on a regular basis.
  • They depend on the spoken word as well as the physical world to convey and understand meaning.
  •  They can make some decisions about their own learning.
Lesson study is a process from the any process to make lessons more open and stunning, encourage teachers to be more open-minded and supportive their colleagues and thus make the schools themselves and their students more open and artistic. Lesson study aims to improve the quality of the learning process conducted by a group of teachers collaboratively and continuously through planning, doing, observing, and reporting on result.

Five to four year olds
What to four year olds can do in this level?
  •    They can discuss what they are doing.
  •  They can tall you about what they have completed or heard.
  •   They can plan activities.
  •   They can argue for something and tell you why they think what they think.
  •  They can use logical reasoning.
  •  They can use their vivid imaginations.
  •    They can use a variety of intonation patterns in their brother tongue.
  •    They can understand direct human interaction.

So, based on observations while attending lesson studies in primary and high schools in Japan, the stages of this program are: first, teachers prepare the lesson (PLAN); secondly, of the volunteer teachers teaches the lesson (DO) while other teachers observe; thirdly, after the lesson, the volunteer teachers and the observers discuss the result of the teaching learning process, delivering feedback to the volunteer teacher (REFLECT).

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