Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Modes of Interpreting 4

  • Whispering interpreting
Whispered interpreting represents a variant of the technique of simultaneous interpreting & is usually performed without technical aids. In whispered interpreting the interpreter sits or stands next to the small target-language audience whilst whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter to hand; this technique requires no equipment, but may be done by a microphone & headphones if the participants prefer. Chuchotage is used in circumstances where all of a group speaks the source language, and a minority (ideally no over people) do not speak it.
  • Common use of whispering interpreting
The interpreter sits next to or behind the listener & whispers the interpreted version in to his or her ear. Thus a maximum of listeners can be served by interpreter. In an additional variation on this technique a small wireless simultaneous interpretation technique is employed. A number of the listeners wear headphones, as in a huge conference. The interpreter makes use of a wireless microphone. However, he/she does not have the benefit of other technical aids which enable him/her to access the speaker words directly, so he/she must discover a position close to the speaker. The demands made on the interpreter in terms of concentration are comparable with those of normal simultaneous interpretation.

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