Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Review Novel Ada Apa Dengan Cinta

Fahri is trying to solve his study on the university Al Azhar kairo but they trapped on the love story. They must among females who has loved. Nurul is a females from Indonesia, they is studying in the Kairo. Aisya is a Muslim rich man from Spanish generation, Maria is a females who admired with Islam & Fahri & Noura is his neighbor.

When they has married with Aisya, the issue coming speedy. Police charged Fahri is a breason. Fahri accuse has rope Noura, hisn neighbor. They must suffer from a loss his studied. & they must enter to the jail. & in the other issue Maria has know Fahri is a husband from her spouse. They fell ill. But to release Fahri from the occussion the facts only Aisyah. They try to meet Maria in the Hospital & Married together with her. Aisyah permit to do italthough they has pregnant. & they was broken heart. Maria come to assembly & give facts to judge is fahri dont make mistake. After all the issue heve been done. Maria dropped & they must take care on the hospital. But, mot long time they dream meet Father mariam & they require to be muslim, & after they become Muslim they died.

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