Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

A True Poet That Loves Poetry

It is simple to notice a poet because of his fascinating interests. Rhymes never leaves his mind, it is what they thinks about & breathe on a regular basis. They can change the talent they own, rain is their inspiration, hight float is their mountains they climb, greatness are their positivity, bravery & motivation they give to their listeners, ravenousness is to perform their poems with confidence to the audience. A poet who live in a house of a happy relatives is always at joy, & they write to the ones they loves most, when a poet is in trouble & misery they write poems of anger, & poems of sadness & pain, but when they is happy they write the poems of life, his love relatives poems, poems about life, & the inspiring motivational poems.

A true poet inherit the azure fate of his think, an icon who brings musical sounds of greatness words. The beauty of a Poet's dream is becoming the master of his talent, with ravishing intentions to grab attention of his audience. A pen is always prepared with a scripture wherever the poet goes, they stares quickly to his inspiring views as they trudge places to write down his thoughts. Poetry is a natural talent of every poet from birth, recital signs shows at more youthful age by his affection to poetry itself. The poet hods a weapon in his hand, & that is "the pen & the script".

A true poet represent a philanthropy to his talent, the words they write influenced by his eyesight are never optical views, they speaks all truth to his poems & never deceit stealing somebody's words to uplift his poem or intelligence. True poets work hard in an aim to form a poems, their always there like a camera man to capture the special & the doleful moments. Poets never deceive with diabolical words, they meditate their words to come up with perfection, cause his leverage keeps the mind liable of poetic words.

True poets never abandon their lavished gifted talent, their own words can ease their languish, when their irritated poetry keeps them balanced to not panic, poetry is the cure to his sensibility, & also his poetry instigate to his hesitations. Every poet develops in the mind to influence capacity of intelligence of talent to the point they becomes powerful minded being able to write all the best motivational poems with impact. True poets often practices his talent, & they even become flexible to come up along along along along along together along with his inspiring rhymes with flexibility.

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