Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Review Eclipse 2

hen Edward is going to hunting, Bella use that situation to escape and go to La Push. But that act is failed because Alice who has ability to see the future, aware Bellas action and give the information to Edward (Edward has ability to read thinking of everyone except Bellas thinking). Edward is annoyed and entrust Bella to Alice when They will hunt again. But, Bella try to escape again and for this time they success to escape from Alice. They makes use of opportunity to met Jacob. It is the first time for dating after they never met again for long time. Jacob is happy. Jacob loves Bella much and they dont care with Edward. They has faith if Bella loves him . Jacob doesnt aware, if Bella will be changed to be vampire.

Seatle condition is emergency because murder happen there. Cullens relatives aware that and they know the murderer is new vampire who is thirsty for human blood.

Bella knowing that her red blues is loss. That is awful fact, when they knows Victoria is a vampire who is steals Bellas blues. Victoria begrudge to Edward because They has killed her fella, James (James  to kill Bella in Balet Museum in Phoenix) and it ought to be pay with kill Edwards girl mate , that is Bella.
Edward brings Bella to his home, to be safety Bella from Victoria and friends. Frankly, Edward asks Bella to marry with him. Finally, a ring from diamond circle in Bellas finger.

Victoria manages all new vampires to leering Forks and gives command to hunt Bella. For this reason, forced Vampire and werewolf become (because their aware if their troop is less, besides that, the position of Quilette tribe also threat by new vampire who they are strong and always thirsty for blood). Forced vampire and werewolf start to arrange a strategy to destroy all new vampires include Victoria.

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