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Review Miracle Worker

This film narrates the story about a lawyer in the field of having equal rights who get appreciation from government. This story became strange because that lawyer is a anyone who having insufficiency in eyesight (blind) & hearing (deaf), but he could done her studied in Radcliff with honorary title.

This girl who have name Hellen Keller was born in lovely health & normally. He is stunning girl. But, when he was years elderly, that girl attacked by something disease which resulting he became blind & deaf. He was born on Keller relatives & Keller relatives is rich relatives. That parents girl Arthur Keller & Katherine Keller & also her aunt, Evelin, have been trying to cure Hellen with all technique. But, their efforts cant cure that girl like all relatives wanted. Father in law Hellen, James Keller feel less get attention from his parents because according to his feeling, they give more attention to hellen.

Arthur & James very every day quarrel because that situation. So, in day, aunt Evelin ask Arthur to get helped from Dr. Chisolm with requirements medicinal treatment doing in Keller Relatives houses. Because of that, Dr. Chisolm gives an project to Dr. Alexander Bell & He asks Anni Sullivan which as the best student become a nurse & simultaneously give healing therapy for Hellen

Fundamentally, Hellen is smart child but after he was got sick, he became a child whose have bad tempered, beside that, Hellen is very attached to her father & all people always spoiled her but not with James. Annie patiently starts to give healing therapy. The first, he teaches hand language & seldom indulged Hellen. Therapy technique which has been giving by Annie, in the fact make Annie must bear with mischief of Hellen & must get protest from Keller relatives , from her father. Because her relatives assume Annie hard giving schooling for Hellen. Even, Annie asks to give healing therapy in the other place, because he feel cant teach Hellen if all relatives always pampers Hellen. Keller families only give week for Annie. So, Annie has to work hard to teach Hellen. In day times which give to Annie from Keller relatives is done. When Hellen have been returned to her house. Basically, the bad character was come back. So, Annie as her teacher, bring him out from house to refill water which have spilled by Hellen & basically that situation without intending was given great alter in her self. As a miracle, he can understand hand language which in the work of the time have been taught by Annie. All Keller families is very happy beside that Annie Sullivan which in the work of the time have been giving schooling for Hellen not very moved emotionally, after her student kiss her check & more fascinating this film touched me.

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