Senin, 06 Desember 2010

The Problem of Youth Generation

We as a youth of generation must be selective to choose culture from the abroad, which now start influence in our life and increase our ability to become better from before. In addition, lots of culture make us loss our life, a number of youth of generation stuck in lots of negative case. Today, prostitute or free sexes become a culture in some adolescent. They assume, it is a style in they life. They will feel worry in the event that they aware when something wrong happen to their, such as a pregnant! A number of them choose to get an abortion. Besides that they are become a heroin addict, they mind is a way to get happy and other pleasure in their life. Regrettably, it is a wrong way. If anyone becomes heroin addict, they are going to be use all case to get it although must steal. It is danger!

I mind issue in the youth of generation is a usually issue in other country because with the advance of expertise they can get any information from the net but also lots of bad information such as blue film, and also lots of bad activity of information they can get. Therefore, free sex, heroin addict, pregnant, and drugs is usually culture in the abroad.
Now is a culture to some adolescent in our country. Now, all of us must improve naughtiness become a something more be creative in the future. Sometime adolescent often have query, what they ought to do and know to improve my self, they as a mate and care must help our mate not only must give more understanding and give suggestion to alter bad habit become nice habit.

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