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Writers Block Blues - What To Do When You Dont Feel Like writing

  • Take A Long Walk

In the event you are a professional web-site writer, writer's block is deadly. After all, you make money writing which means that a immense chunk of the dreaded block means a day of lost productivity. There is also deadlines to think of, which appear even more ominous when you cannot write anything. & then, there is your writers' pride, which (in my case) suffers horribly when the words won't come.

I don't claim to have the cure for writer's block & I am positive that nobody does, but I have a few ideas that help me out when I need them.

Walks are the best for me. Sometimes sitting long at a computer starts to destroy your brain. You are physically inactive & this slows your mind down to a crawl. The motion of walking gets your juices flowing, & it is also great thinking time. Sometimes you get stuck because you are having trouble thinking of ideas.

Possibly you have been typing long & the words are getting stuck. Speaking to anyone about some unrelated topic offers a pleasant break & gets the words flowing a small. Web-site ought to be conversational in tone, so a small actual conversation helps you get in to the flow.
  • Talk To Anyone
  • Read A While

Surfing the net & reading about your topic, or watching YouTube videos about it, sometimes helps get things moving. I don't know about other writers, but for me it helps to read something unrelated. I'll read a chapter in whatever book I am reading & then come back to the computer feeling refreshed.
  • Work On Something Else
  • Do Nothing At All
In case you have numerous ghostwriting jobs going, try working on something else. Even if the deadline's today, you might need a break. There is always small non-writing tasks you need to do as well, like posting articles or other mechanical tasks. Do plenty of those to give your brain a break & then you'll have more focus when it comes to the writing.

Here's an idea move to another room, preferably that is calm, & sit & do nothing at all. Stare off in to space & let your mind go blank. Some people would call this "meditating" & that is nice; I call it a welcome break for an overloaded brain. It helps me get through plenty of long writing days.

In the event you are an online site writer, getting writer's block can cease you from making money. It can also make the content you are writing dull & slow. When you are having trouble with flow & inspiration, it comes through in your work. These are some things that help for me!

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