Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

The Assignment of Reading Journal

My repeat to my best teacher Mrs. Nia Kurniasari & I do know plenty of mistake in my self in the coursework of learn with you, before they meet again in next semester, I apologize to my whole mistake.
In the coursework of learn with You, I always feel happy because I love process of learning which make in the teaching by you. Nevertheless, sometime I feel worried because I must prepare my self seriously to read, keep in mind plenty of vocabularies, & they must reply to the query, which gives to us from you. However, not to long, they laugh because always there case make all of us laugh. I seldom know you annoyed in the classroom, & I hope seldom to know while you annoyed. I mead you very patient in teach, frankly in the first time when I meet you I mind worried, but I wrong about that.

My impression in the coursework of learn with you, sometime very happy because plenty of joke in the coursework of learn & very mournful because plenty of task. I fascinating because plenty of new case in the study, knowledge, & plenty of advice I listen to from you. I think Dicky present different with Dicky long time ago because know I have the best teacher. Thank you, because know I have plenty of experience to read a novel which I seldom do it before. Beside that, I become know that my ability is very bad. I hope in the next semester I can improve al my mistake.

In the next semester, I hope they can meet again. I do know in the first semester you still give us tolerance but I have no idea in the next semester may be change & I hope do not very significant in the event you will do it. Plenty of vocabularies to keep in mind make me always happy as well as a tiny time to study in out of the classroom may be make a new experience & al tiny song when study will give us a new situation.
I am sorry, I was tell my story in the coursework of learn with you about my experience & any thing, my wish, my felt & other things. The most important in the first semester I can know who is Mrs. Nia? & How did character?

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