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Examples The Problem of Youth Generation

Jill Tucker (age 14) My boy mate and I had been going for two months. Yesterday, I discovered that Im pregnant. I told him and thought hed be happy, but they said they didnt require to get an abortion, but m not definite I could support myself as well as a kid if I quit high school. I havent told my parent yet because Im so frightened, they night beat me up or something. What I ought to I do?
This is example from some issue from the youth of generation.

Lisa Sanchez (age 19)My best mate is a heroin addict. Shes the same age as me and weve kind of grown up together. Weve been on dates together, shared secrets with each other, everything that best mate do. They even started trying drugs together couple of years ago. I stopped, but Lisa kept going,. Now its so bad, he doesnt even recognize me lots of time. Her parents dont care about her, and are even threatening to throw her out of the house. Im afraid that shell soon must become a prostitute or something in order to support her habit. I require to help much, but I dont know what to do!

Every issue has solution.
The first issue they must give trust to the girl to wait and see and positive thinking. They can help her with give some information and understanding to their parent to solve the issue and their must get married because their mistake. If the girl use abortion as a solution will add the issue, may be DEATH! So, be cautious.

The second issue about the heroin addict, they must know why they do it. May be they can give information that risk if they consume the heroin. And then they must give understanding and better attention to her. Step by step less pair of the scales (heroin) and if feel cease to consume heroin and seldom think to do it again.

The third issue about the naughty boy, in this issue require to communicate among the parents along with his kid. They must know reason why they do it. To prevent this affair, may be with give all of require by Jimmy. But, it still difficulty, Jimmy must acquiesce his son in jail after plenty of prevent not success. They hope, after they in jail they become better and seldom do it.

Herbert Jackson (age 49)
I dont know what to do any more. My son Jimmy has been arrested for the third time an his jail. The first time it wasnt bad, only shoplifting, but this time they broke in to a mans store and stole a TV. Hes only 17 years elderly, and Iv tried anything. Weve taken him to a psychologist, weve talked to him hundreds of times, but nothing seems to work. Hes our only kid, and its to drive us crazy. help me, what am I able to do?

b. Advises
They must prevent destroyed the youth of the nations. They as soon as change bad habit become nice habit. Start now, until you aware you have mind in your life.

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