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Writing for The Internet: Ways to Make Money writing For The Internet

In lots of ways, writing for the net is the same as writing for most other things. But there is some subtle & not so subtle differences that you need to take account of in case you need your writing for the net to actually earn you some first rate money.

Despite what you learned at school, web writing can mean changing your writing style a bit.

When you are writing for the net, whether it is for your own weblog, a comment on a YouTube video or anything else you need to take account of these differences.

Most people are put off by giant blocks of text. Positive, if it is a text book that you need to read for work work you'll put up with this. But elsewhere on the net they are looking for short bites of information.

Tips on writing for the net

Keep your paragraphs short. In the event that they look like getting long, split them. Even if your English teacher would cringe.

Use bullet points. These are simpler to scan & people are not daunted by them.

Keep your words short-ish & simple. Writing for the net is an art & you don't need your reader to constantly must go off to Google to find out what a word means.

Headings make it simple for people to scan a page & find the information they are looking for.

Use headings (like this) when you are writing for the net

There is a lot of paid work writing for the net but letting other people publish your work on their sites. A quantity of the popular sites such as elance let you do this although unless you know what you are doing you'll be competing with lots of other people.

Work out who your target audience is. It may be individuals who read your blogs. Or you may prefer to be a ghost writer for other people. Personally, when I am writing for the net I'll publish my own work but I may use a pen name to keep things a bit neater.

In fact, the book I found to learn about writing for the net has a whole section about using job sites such as elance. I haven't used it myself (I do not like to write to deadlines set by other people) but I have used these sites as a buyer & the advice given would make your bid stand out from the crowd, so if that is your cup of tea you could be writing for the net sooner than you think.

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